October 3, 2010

Deep in the heart of Minecraft

So, t'was time for an aqueduct, so I could have water near my home. You never know, I could want to raise some wheat...

There was a small waterfall on one of the other sides of the mountain. I set out to prepare all the way it would have to run through to arrive. Working on some cobblestone blocks, I manage some pretty nice steps, very smooth. And pave the way.
 Yeah, I carved again a part of the mountain. Quickest route FTW !
Once that's done (and it better work, because with the paving, I can't go back through that tunnel without mining again. And it's 2 pickaxes-using long!), it's time to release the water.

Oookay. Little problem there, I may need to wall it until it reaches the tunnel... No problem, I have exactly what's needed !
Yeah. So, water still seeps through everything 5 blocks away from its origin. Guess the acqueduct doesn't pan out. Also, I've discovered I can get water by putting it in a bucket. So long, unfinished project... I have so many more...

Next up are the Tower of Babel and the Stairs to Hell. Basically, I just want to go as far as possible Up and Down. The tower I will build during the day, the stairs to occupy me at night. I'm still unable to sleep...

Long story short (it took days), the stairs were litterally straigthforward to do:
 I discovered I was as far down as I could hope when I encountered these blocks. It ain't gravel, as I first thought. Ten minutes of wailing at it with my new trusty pickaxe (number 34? 35?) did nothing. NVE (No Visible Effect). I had found the legendary adminium bedrock, impervious to anything. My work was done.
 And the way up was long...
Incidentally, I encoutered Iron, Gold, Diamond, and a strange red ore that seems magnetized enough for me to make a compass. You never know, it might come in handy... Starting from that point, I will stripmine the area: at these depths, the odds of finding interesting stuff are much higher.

The tower proved a bit trickier, mainly because I wanted it to be cirular, and the stairs seemed to have a mind of their own, sometimes not facing where I wanted to.

 Also, I wanted the walls to be glass, so I could see outside while going up or down. This was reconnaissance, after all (and stone walls were really claustrophobic). You can't imagine how much glass I did smelt to get this result:
 You can't imagine how much glass I did smelt to get this result:
Not to shabby, if I do say so myself. And the view is great :). But for some reason, I can't show you...
See you next time !


  1. That's... a lot of glass. Very cool. :)

    I caved and bought the game yesterday. I've played all of 15 minutes, and I've already staked out my future home. It's on top of a curiously anvil-shaped bit of rock on top of a giant stone spindle. Long live Anvilania!

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