April 15, 2008

Dead Fantasy

That's partly why I created this blog: for gems like these that I want to keep someplace, but not in my bookmarks.

Here you have some crazy fight between on the one side Two Girls from the Terrible Trio from FFX-2 (Yuna and... dammit), Kairi from Kingdom hearts, Rinoa from FF8, Tifa from FF 7 (goth version from Kingdom Hearts 2, though) and on the other side... uhhhh... Guess I'm not that hot on fighting games. Anybody can identify the four women there, please? Cause I don't.

Anyway, great creation, it's smooth, it's wonderful, it's a great fight, there are even potions to be drinked. My mouth just can't seem to get back into the right position, it's somewhere ont the floor of my room.
Now, if only I could download them to be sure I do not lose these gems...

Here another movie from the same author, or "what would happen if master Chief and Samus Aran met". It's just great too, with some winks to matrix and to Equilibrium:
And the ending will leave you speechless!

To give credits where it's due: Monty Oum, you rock. You just do...