June 26, 2007

This here is my Blog

There are many like it, but this one is mine.
So what makes it so special from all the ones composing this giant Cosmology?

Well, for starters, I'm french.

So I eat frog (I don't)? So I possess rugged charm and a kissing ability beyond compare (I do)? So what? Well, that means I have a different culture, a different history compared with many of you. And perhaps, just perhaps, that means I'll see things differently, and another angle is always good in a conversation.

Ok, great, but what will I be addressing here?

That's a good question.

As the name implies, random things. Mainly, different arts that appeal to me, whether Movies, Comics (both americans and europeans ones), mangas and books. And let's not forget webcomics! Sometimes, I will review them, sometimes I'll rant, sometimes I'll address an important fact raised by it. Sometimes, I'll talk about myself. But that will remain art, rest assured ;)

So, time to go to work, almost. So I guess that is the end of my first post.

Here we go, Folks!