February 15, 2008

Look as time flies!


Almost FIVE months ago, I created this blog. And this here, is my second post. I guess I have many things to learn from this :p.

It appears I do not have so many things to say about comics after all. But, I browse the Internet, I... I live in the outside world as well.

So I guess this blog will become even more random :D

Let's start, shall we?

Old Video Games

I like them. Who doesn't?
But for many years, I had a Mac at home. The only way for me to play most games was to do so at friends' homes, and it is rare that they let you play for hours on end. I bought my first PC 5 years ago, and have tried to fill the hole of my youth.

But, it seems, I have passed some gemstones.

For exemple, I just found out about System Shock:

I mean, come on! Adventure, FPS and puzzle game all in one? And you can choose how much of each you want? They don't do that no more, no siree...

This makes me really want to install DOSBox, now...

New Video Games

When I see games like this, I realise I really want a Wii...

The graphics makes me drool, and I'm far from a graphics fan.

Just saw the trailer (which can be found at the bottow of the wikipedia page). The characters seem cliche at best (the girl and boy who are best friends, but maybe love interest, the brooding and intelligent older guy, a rival of the first boy, etc), but you do not always need originality. The animation seems fluid. Ah, well, I'll try and see.

This novel just made my day:

Imagine a journalist, used to interview rockstars, that suddenly finds himself interviewing Leather, a super villain, complete with super speed, super strength, and super agility. And quite a personality to boot.

What I liked about this story is that, although she is clearly established as a super human, and a super villain (and she establishes that herself early in the story), she is also very human in terms of feelings, thoughts, etc. Sha has longings, desires, goals, and regrets.

There's also a rationalisation of why Villains always manage to get away to plague humanity again and again (an organisation, much like our insurances, exist just for that)

Not to mention that the style of writing is excellent.

Well, that's all for today, folks!

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